Photoshop Actions All in One Bundle

The Complete Photoshop Action Compilation strives for the looks of long lost eras of analogue photography. You want to combine the advantages of digital photography with the ‘coincidences’ of analog exposure? Lookfilter’s Photoshop Actions are the perfect editing tool for you! Whether you are using black/white or color photography – our Complete Photoshop Actions help you to make your images stand out more. To get everything out of them.

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To make them a whole new experience. Lookfilter’s Adobe photoshop Actions transform the contrasts, the colors, the grain and the shades of your images, recreate the effects from the past when photography was ruled by the skills of the photographers and the technical possibilities of analogue film. Take you photographs back in time and use our easy editing tools – the results will be anything but outdated!

Lookfilter-Black-White-PresetsBest Lightroom PresetsLookfilter-BW12-1Lookfilter-BW11-11Lookfilter-BW8-3Lookfilter-BW7-7Lookfilter-BW2-1Lookfilter-BW-19-3Lookfilter-BW13-8Lookfilter-BW-18-21Lookfilter-BW-20-1Lookfilter-BW6-4

Black and White Lightroom Presets by

Lightroom Presets Black and White Vol.1 were especially designed to match with the amazing looks of the long past eras when analogue photography ruled the world. Bring the advantages of digitial photography together with fast and easy editing tools and add a little of the ‘coincidences’ of analog exposure – Lightroom Presets Black and White are the perfect match!

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Create spectacular effects with Black and White Presets that take your images back into the darkroom. Lookfilter’s Adobe Ligthroom Presets help you to combine your own creativity and skill with the grain, the toning and the specific looks of the past. Our Lightroom Presets Black and White combine the contemporary with the old – the effects will be anything but outdated!

Vintage-Lightroom-PresetsVintage Lightroom Presets by LookfilterLookfilter-Vintage-LR9-10Lookfilter-Vintage-16-8Lookfilter-Vintage-LR14-19Lookfilter-Vintage-LR7-11Lookfilter-Vintage-LR12-10Lookfilter-Vintage-LR13-5Lookfilter-Vintage-LR1-3Lookfilter-Vintage-LR2-5Lookfilter-Vintage-LR8-3Lookfilter-Vintage-18-5Lookfilter-Vintage-LR10-2

Vintage Lightroom Presets by

Lightroom Presets Vintage Vol.1 bring back the glamour and the atmosphere of the past with just a few clicks. You are inspired by looks from long past eras? The style of the early days of photography is what you strive for? Or you adore the pioneers of color photography? All you need for that are the right editing tools and color filter.

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Lookfilter’s Lightroom Presets Vintage are both – a tribute to the style and craft of the great masters of photography’s past and a specific recurrence of the so-called old-fashioned look. Use our Adobe Lightroom Presets Vintage Vol.1 to take your images back in time and let them come along in the look from the times when the new color photography was born.


Speed Up Tools – Lightroom Presets

Speed up Tools will help you to be more efficient, to be even faster and to save a real lot of time – the name speaks for itself. This bundle and its 78 adjustments are the first steps to fast and effective image editing and for enjoying the whole experience of our Lookfilter. Even though you can run our Lightroom Presets on every image you like, you may want to do some basic editing before using them. Speed up Tools offer you exactly these basic editing functions. Use our Presets to work on the contrast of your images, to add some grain or to balance the saturation of your photos – with one click, of course.

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It is really as simple as it sounds: Each Speed up Tool is a Preset, that runs over your images within seconds, making them ready for some „real“ editing work. You can prepare your images for creative post processing without having to use the controllers within Adobe Lightroom 4 or 5 every single time. The Lookfilter Speed Up Tool bundle contains finishing tools for working on the sharpening and grain, basic tools for contrasts, highlights or shadows and special tools to add some fade-outs or sunflairs. This bundle is the best thing for really getting started!


Complete Compilation by

No image is like the other. Some of your images will look absolutely stunning with a vintage style. Other will turn into masterpieces in their purest black and white look. Others crave for colors. So why be spoilt for choice? The Complete Compilation offers 40 unique Lightroom Presets + all 78 Speed up tools. Feel free to choose – there are no limits!

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Free Lightroom Preset – Cold Fact

Download the free lightroom preset “Voodoo Lounge” now available on

Free Lightroom PresetsFree-Lightroom-Presets-0Free-Lightroom-Presets-0Free-Lightroom-Presets-03Free-Lightroom-Presets-04Free-Lightroom-Presets-05Free-Lightroom-Presets-06Free-Lightroom-Presets-07Free-Lightroom-Presets-13Free-Lightroom-Presets-12Free-Lightroom-Presets-11Free-Lightroom-Presets-08Free-Lightroom-Presets-09Free-Lightroom-Presets-14Free-Lightroom-Presets-10Free-Lightroom-Presets-07

Free Lightroom Preset – Voodoo Lounge

Download the free lightroom preset “Voodoo Lounge” now available on